Thanks for your attentions to Salubris. It is your understanding, trust and support that uphold Salubris to have sound development and growth in this fierce market competition.     

After over a decade of forging ahead regardless of any hardship, today’s Salubris has grown to be an comprehensive pharmaceutical group consisting of R&D, productionand marketing of pharmaceutical products. In September 2009, Salubris waslisted on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which further enhanced its brand imageand core competitiveness. With sound development, it has become a leading innovative enterprise in the field of high-end prescription medicine and biomedicine in China. We always bear in mind and shoulder our noble mission of“contributing to human health through excellent pharmaceutical products” and devote ourselves to making continuous efforts to provide high-quality and cost-effective products for patients.

Upon the founding, we have established the entrepreneurial spirit of “innovation,sincerity, ambition, patient-first and high efficiency” and motivated continuously by product innovation, stuck to harmonious unity between corporate development and employees’ values, and actively advocated and took the lead inpromoting the social and public welfare undertakings of “Care for Health, Love for Life”.

Salubris will be always be grateful, adhering to the management philosophy of “betterlife from sincerity” to march forward with determination and diligence for therealization of human health undertakings!