Environment and Health Safety

Environmental protection

  • We pursue the harmonious development of enterprises and environmental protectionand endeavor to build a resource-saving, environmental-friendly and sustainabledeveloping enterprise. 
  • We advocate clean production, minimize the generation of pollutants, and promotelean production, optimize pollution control technique and minimizing environmental risk. 
  • We make efforts in the creation of harmonious environment, exercise the environmental-friendly concept for sustainable development, and march forwardon the way for maintaining harmony between human and nature along with a highsense of social responsibility. 

Occupational health and safety

  • We firmly believe that employees are the root for the survival and development of an enterprise. We stick to the policy of being people-oriented and protecting work safety and aim at operating without injury, disease or accident. 
  • We continue to improve working conditions of our employees, control occupationaldiseases from the origin, promote hazardous factor detection and prevention,attach importance to labor protection for employees and unceasingly perfect occupational health management. 
  • We exert great efforts push forward safety culture, publicize knowledge on safety,cultivate safety skills of employees, establish emergency management system,implement safety responsibility system and improve safety management level.