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Talent Concept

Employees are core competitiveness for Salubris. We attach great importance to the sustainable development and cultivation of talent, create development opportunities for employees, provide professional training and study platform for employees, help employees to improve work performance and personal ability, and pursuit harmonious development of employees and the company. 

We always stick to following talent concepts: 

Talent selection

We choose talent with creativity, ambition, sense of mission and responsibility.Those who are good at learning, courageous in struggling and brave in assuming responsibility are welcome to join our company. 

Talent cultivation

We struggle to provide equal development chance for every staff and open upmultiple promotion channels. We advocate the life-long study of employees and make every effort to provide multi-layer systematic opportunities of trainingand study. 

Talent utilization

We stick to the talent concept of “fighters first”. An employee with targets,courageous in struggling and excellent in performance will be assigned animportant position for better development.