Research Achievements

With patients’ requirements as the orientation, Salubrisgives full play to its advantages in the research and development of innovativedrugs. Led by high-end prescription drugs and biomedical devices, it focuses onthe development of new products with market advantages and technical thresholdsso as to ensure the transformation and industrialization of scientific andtechnological achievements, and improve market competitiveness. In recentyears, nearly 100 development projects have been carried out by the company,and most of them have realized achievement transformation or industrialization.


  • Nearly100 innovative drug products are being researched, covering anticoagulation, bloodfat reduction, anti-heart failure, anti-tumor and blood glucose reduction, and genericdrugs covering anticoagulation, anti-hypertension, blood fat reduction,anti-epileptic and anti-infection.
  • Severalmain products with proprietary intellectual property rights have been marketedin China for the first time.
  • Threeimportant new drug development projects in the 12th Five-Year Planhave been undertaken and completed.
  • Oneimportant new drug development project in the 13th Five-Year Planhas been approved.
  • Morethan ten provincial and municipal special science and technology projects havebeen undertaken, including a major special science and technology project ofGuangdong, applied development project, key project of Shenzhen and innovationability building project.
  • Severalproducts have been named new high-tech products by the Department of Scienceand Technology of Guangdong Province. Among them, Taijia and Xinminting havebeen named National Key New Products, Taijia (Clopidogrel Bisulfate Tablets)has won the Gold Award of Chinese Patents, and Clopidogrel Bisulfate Tabletsand its preparations have won the Third Prize for Scientific and TechnologicalAdvancement of Guangdong.
  • ‘GreenKey Technologies and Industrialization of Anti-clotting Drug ClopidogrelBisulfate Tablets’ won the First Prize for Scientific and TechnologicalAdvancement of Tianjin in 2016.


  • Wehave dozens of biologics in research with clinical indications covering osteoporosis,on cology,cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disease.
  • 11varieties are innovative drugs and 4 are firstgeneric drugs in China.
  • Wehave 5 important new drug development projects in the 13th Five-YearPlan.
  • Totreat the inflammation of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal mucosa caused bythe radiotherapy and chemotherapy of tumor patients, the freeze-dryingrecombinant keratinocyte growth factor is the only recognized drug with a definiteeffect worldwide.
  • Therecombinant SeV-hFGF2/dF injection, a new class  =1 \* ROMAN I gene therapy drug jointly made with the Japanese ID PHARM company, is the firstclinical gene therapy variety for the Sendai virus. Clinical tests of Phase Iin China, Phase II in Japan and Phase I in Australia have been carried out atthe same time.

Medical Devices

  • Severalnational invention patents and utility model patents have been granted.
  • Severalprovincial and municipal projects for science and technology have beenrecognized.