Research Platform

Shenzhen’scardiovascular drugs and device development engineering laboratory, state-levelenterprise technology center, post-doctoral research station and severalspecial research platforms and high-level work stations for the development ofgene therapy drugs, antibody drugs, recombinant protein drugs and devices for cardiovascularand cerebrovascular medicine have been established by the research institute ofthe company to provide powerful technical support for product research, ensuringthe rapid development of the company in the future.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

State-level Enterprise Technology Center

Itbecame a Shenzhen enterprise technology center in 2008 and state-levelenterprise technology center in 2012. With an established management system includingseveral innovative patterns such as independent research and the combination ofindustry-university-research, a proprietary technology development system with proprietaryintellectual property rights has been built to optimize the product structureand continuously promote transformation from scientific and technologicalachievements to productivity. An innovative drug research center, drug researchcenter and united laboratory have been established according to the researchfeatures of different drugs. In addition, united research centers have beenestablished with the Shanghai Institute of the Pharmaceutical Industry, TsinghuaUniversity and Sichuan University to provide support for product reserves andtechnical upgrading.

Post-doctoral Research Station

Thepost-doctoral innovation practice base was established in 2013 and the post-doctoralwork station established in 2015. The work station mainly focuses on thecreation of a high-level talent team to improve the independent innovationability of enterprises. The construction of the high-level professional andtechnical personnel team of the enterprise has been reinforced by a post-doctoralresearch project to promote the talent strategy and innovation-drivendevelopment strategy. Scientific research innovation teams have beenestablished for postdoctors entering the station, with skillful experts andfamous professors of domestic universities as their guiding teachers. Inaddition, assistants are also provided to ensure that all postdoctors reachtheir full potential.


Gene Therapy Drug Research Platform

An academician work station has been establishedin cooperation with the National Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of SichuanUniversity. The newest technologies such as tumor in situ vaccines, RNAinterference and gene editing are used to develop innovative gene therapy drugsfor tumors and angiocarpy, new tumor in situ vaccines, class  = 1 \* ROMAN I anti-tumor drugs based on gene editing, and targeted gene therapy drugsfor ovarian cancer based on RNA interference.

Antibody DrugResearch Platform

A complete antibody drug (including monoclonalantibody, bifunctional antibody, bispecific antibody and ADC) research platformhas been established to development new antibody drugs for therapeutic areas incardiovascular, , on cology and endocrine disease.

Withcomplete antibody drug development ability from antibody molecule design, screeningand optimization, engineering cell line building, technology development,large-scale antibody production and antibody drug development to qualitystandard establishment, it is supported by the Humanized Antibody Platform, animportant new drug development project in the 12th Five-Year Plan ofthe Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology and New InnovativeAntibody Drug Research and Key Innovative Technology Project, an important newdrug development project in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Recombinant Protein Drug Research Platform

During the development of recombinant protein drugs over many years, a complete flow development system has been established for recombinant protein drugs from target gene clones to new drug applications.

Medical Devices

Shenzhen Cardiovascular Drugs and Device DevelopmentEngineering Laboratory

For the integrated prevention requirements of cardiovasculardisease, research and development have been executed for several projects suchas drugs for the prevention and treatment of cardiovasculardisease, and medical interference devices. Cardiovascular drugs andmedical interference devices are developed together in medical devicedevelopment to provide series of products for the prevention and treatment of cardiovasculardisease. A systematic and scientific prevention and treatment system has beenestablished.

Salubris Medical Science Park

Aunique overall development platform combining drugs for the prevention of cardiovasculardisease and medical interference devices has been established.