Research Team

The research institute of the company has great innovation ability. Focusing on suchresearch fields as biologics, chemical drugs and medical devices, the researchteam consists of nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign elites.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Domestic and foreign doctors, masters and seniorsresearcher compose a professional drug research team in pharmacy, medicine,biology and chemistry focusing on research into high-end innovative prescriptiondrugs. The innovative drugs cover anticoagulation, blood fat reduction, anti-heartfailure, anti-tumor and blood glucose reduction. The generic drugs cover anticoagulation,anti-hypertension, blood fat reduction, anti-epileptic and anti-infection. Insistingon the power of technical innovation, several pharmaceutical chemicals with proprietaryintellectual property rights have now been marketed to promote the clinicalapplication of more innovative drugs. The industrialized production of highquality and high efficiency products has been realized.


Witha research team of more than 100 domestic and foreign elites and a focus on theresearch and development of innovative biologics,the development and industrialization of several biologics have been realized.

Medical Devices

Theresearch personnel have rich experience in the development and management ofmedical devices for angiocarpy, and they focus on intervention type medicaldevices used in cardiovascular disease, structural heart disease, cerebrovasculardisease and peripheral vascular disease. Product lines in such materials as cobalt-chromiumalloy, bioabsorbable material and nitinol form the superiority of the companyin providing integrated solutions for cardiovascular disease.