AdverseDrug Reaction (ADR) refers to the harmful reactions of qualified drugs that arenot related to the purpose of drug use under normal usage and dosage.


Ifyou or someone around you is suspected of having an adverse drug reaction,please consult a medical professional or go to the hospital in time. Under theguidance of medical staff, corresponding measures should be taken for treatmentaccording to the different manifestations and severity of adverse reactions.


Youcan make a true, accurate and complete report on the adverse drug reactionsthat you have learned while using Salubris's products through the followingchannels.


Becausethe adverse drug reaction information you have reported involves Salubris’sproducts, the relevant patient information and materials will be disclosed to Salubris’sPharmacovigilance Department under the premise of compliance with applicablelaws and regulations. Salubris may follow up this information with thereporter, enter the information into the pharmacovigilance database of Salubrisand report it to the relevant regulatory authorities in accordance withrelevant laws and regulations. If you report through the following channels,you are deemed to accept and know the above information.


Reporting channels of Adverse DrugReactions

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