Technology platform

The Group Research Institute of the company has built several research and development platforms, such as National Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Drug R&D Enterprises, Guangdong Cardiovascular Drug Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Provincial Academician Workstation, Shenzhen Cardiovascular Drug and Device Development Engineering Laboratory, and Postdoctoral Research Center. It involves gene therapy drug research and development, antibody drug research and development, ecombinantr protein drug research and development,small molecule innovative drug research and development, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular devices and other fields, providing strong technical support for product research and development, thus ensuring the continuous driving of the company's rapid development in the future.

Small molecule drugs

National-level Enterprise Technology Center

In 2012, it was rated as the National Certified Enterprise Technology Center ;

It established a management system of various innovative modes such as independent research and development and the combination of production,education and research, and built a proprietary

technology development system with independent intellectual property rights;

It constantly optimized the product structure and promoted the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity;

According to the research and development characteristics of different types of drugs, it set up innovative drug research and development centers, drug research and development centers and joint laboratories;

It established joint research centers with Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, TsinghuaUniversity, Sichuan University and other institutions to provide follow-up support for product reserve and technology upgrading.

Post-doctoral Research Center

In 2013, it became a post-doctoral innovation practice base, and in 2015, it obtained an enterprise post-doctoral workstation qualification;

The workstation mainly gathers high-level talent teams to enhance the independent innovation capability of the enterprise;

Post-doctoral project researches strengthened the construction of high-level professional and technical talents in enterprises,and promoted enterprise talent strategy and innovation-driven development strategy;

The company has set up a scientific research and innovation team for post-doctoral students, selected skilled experts and professors from famous universities in China as their co-cooperation instructors, and been equipped with scientific research assistants to ensure that each post-doctoral student can play a greater role.

Provincial Key Laboratory of Enterprise

It established a screening platform for the discovery of small molecule innovative drugs;

It established severalin vivo pharmacologic models and disease models;

It carried out in-depth research on animal models to ensure the reliability of the models;

It established a perfect pharmaceutical evaluation system in vivo and in vitro to support early screening of new drugs, determination and optimization of lead compounds, and in-depth evaluation of pharmaceutical characteristics of candidate compounds such as absorption, distribution and metabolism.

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center

It established a technical platform for chemical raw materials engineering;

It overcame the key technologies of chemical raw material industrialization;

It provided chemical raw materials with high quality, low cost and environmental friendliness, and enhanced the clinical value of chemical pharmaceutical preparations.


As the research and development and production platform of Salubris macro molecular drugs, the biologics sector serves the strategic objectives of Salubris. Focusing on cardiovascular, metabolism, orthopedics, oncology and other fields, the biologics provides biological products and drug pipelines for Salubris.

The biologics sector includes SalubrisBio (USA), Salubris  (Chengdu) Biotech Co. , Ltd.and

Salubris (Suzhou) Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

; SalubrisBio is Innovation Macro molecule Research and Development Center, Salubris Chengdu is Macro molecular Research and DevelopmentCenter, and Salubris Suzhou is Macro molecular Drug Production Center.

Innovation Macro molecule Research and Development Center

SalubrisBio (USA) is committed to the development of new therapeutic molecules, the discovery and development of new complex biological agents for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and the development of novel and complex biotherapies.

SalubrisBio focuses on complex biological agents, including binding bioactive proteins, activating the immune system against cancer-specific targets, and directly and specifically delivering anticancer drugs to tumors.

Biologics Development Center

As a biologics development center, SalubrisChengdu has established a recombinant protein development platform, includingtalented people, state of art  equipmentand facilities, with capability of designing molecule, antibody screening andoptimization,  cell lines construction,process development, , quality control, product characterization, non-clinicaland clinical production. Salubris Chengdu has won the multiple national fundsin support of biologics development

A distinctive pipeline in the therapeutic area ofosteoporosis has been established, which has formed a competitive advantage inthe field of osteoporosis in China. At the same time, products have been laidout in the fields of heart failure, tumor and diabetes, which are at differentstages of development.

Biologics Production Center

Salubris Suzhou has built  prokaryotic and ueokaryotic  production lines, including fermentation, proteinpurification, and drug product filing module, and QC laboratory. RecombinantTeriparatide for Injection, a drug for treating osteoporosis, has successfully inspectionin support of the market application.

In addition to continuing the development ofantibodies, ADC and other drugs in the fields of recombinant proteins andpolypeptides, the biopharmaceutical sector will seek breakthroughs in genetherapy, cell therapy and RNA interference.

Medical devices

Shenzhen Cardiovascular Drug and Device DevelopmentEngineering Laboratory

Focusing on the needs of comprehensive prevention andtreatment of cardiovascular diseases, supporting research and development ofcardiovascular prevention, therapeutic drugs and interventional medical deviceswere carried out to form a systematic and scientific prevention and treatmentsystem.

Salubris Medicine Science and Technology Park

It created a unique comprehensive development platformcombining cardiovascular prevention and treatment drugs with interventionalmedical device


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