The marketing application of SAL0107 for the treatment of primary hypertension was accepted

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Latest progress

Recently, Salubris announced that NMPA has accepted the marketing application of its self-developed SAL0107.

SAL0107 is an ARB/CCB compound preparation for treating patients with primary hypertension with poor blood pressure control after Allisartan or Amlodipine mono-therapy.

After the launch of the product, it will form a strategic synergy with Xinlitan (Allisartan Isoproxil tablets), a class 1.1 antihypertensive marketed drug, further enrich the innovative product pipeline in cardiovascular area, cover a broader population of hypertensive patients, provide patients with more medication options, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Salubris in the field of chronic disease.


Basic Information

Drug name: SAL0107

Application information: Registration and marketing authorization for domestically produced drugs 

Registry Classification: 2.3 category

Drug Type: Chemical

Acceptance number: CXHS2200061  

Acceptance instructions: According to the provisions of Article 32 of the Administrative Licensing Law of the People's Republic of China, it is decided to accept it after examination.