Two alliances for Biomedicine and high-end medical devices established

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On the morning of December 12, the 8th Shenzhen InternationalBiomedical Industry Summit Forum was grandly opened. According to thedeployment of "20+8 industrial clusters, one cluster and onealliance", "Shenzhen Biomedical Industry Alliance" and"Shenzhen High-end Medical Device Industry Alliance" were established.Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceutical Co., LTD and Shenzhen Salubris Medical DeviceCo., LTD were elected as the president and vice president units respectively.

At the awarding ceremony of the SummitForum, Qin Weizhong, Deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committeeand mayor, personally awarded the plaque to the president of the two allianceunits. Kevin Ye, chairman of Salubris, took over the honor and responsibilityof "Shenzhen Biomedical Industry Alliance".

As an innovation-driven pharmaceutical companyintegrating research, production and marketing, Salubris deeply cultivates inthe field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, lays out innovativechemical drugs, biological drugs and high-end medical devices, and has growninto a leading company in chronic diseases mainly related to cardiovascular andcerebrovascular diseases.

With the continuous expansion of Shenzhen's"20+8" industrial cluster and the continuous emergence of newbusiness forms, Salubris will give full play to our leading role, do a forward-lookinglayout, take on the responsibility, promote the two alliances to accelerateindustrial innovation and integration, promote the high-quality development ofbiomedicine and high-end medical device industries, accelerate thebuilding of a domestic leading and world-class biomedical industryagglomeration and development highland, and make greater contributions to theconstruction of Healthy China!